Marlin Financial & Leasing Corp. is a privately held, Tennessee based corporation that specializes in equipment lease alternatives for businesses and municipalities located in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & Kentucky.  By working in association with over 70 commercial lending institutions, Marlin Financial has been helping businesses maximize the benefits of leasing since 1982.

Marlin Financial offers broad experience and expertise in leasing the full range of equipment used in business today.  Our success over the last thirty plus years is a product of our dedication to offering competitive and flexible lease plans as well as impeccable service to our local equipment vendors and to our banking relationships.

We provide convenient equipment leasing alternatives for transactions ranging from $5,000 into the millions that are structured to benefit the current and future operations of any business or municipal entity.   Here's just a few . . .

  • Operating Leases (FMV)
  • Finance Leases ($1.00)
  • Municipal Leases
  • Off-balance sheet Leases
  • Sale Lease Back
  • TRAC Leases for qualified motor vehicles and trailers